Chigarden Fresh

At the Chi Garden, we value crop variety and farming traditions from both the global east and west.


Our diversity salads are a demonstration of food as medicine. A variety of at least 15 mixed eastern and western greens at any given time, provides a unique experience of enhanced flavour and health benefits, and surely adds to the emerging culinary cultures of Canada!


How is the Diversity Salad grown?
Our very diverse seasonal salad has a mix of cultivated and wild foraged greens from our little farm in eastern Ottawa. Many of the vegetables in the mix, such as dandelion and edible chrysanthemum, are traditionally cherished for their medicinal properties. We adopt a no-till permaculture system, so the active soil microbiology acts as both a natural immune system and an effective nutrient delivery system. By growing many vegetable varieties together, incorporating edible ‘weeds’, and by mimicking a natural ecosystem, the salad mix is full of plants’ secondary metabolites and is dense in nutrients. This salad is truly your natural medicine.

What’s in the mix?
Lettuce varieties, including asparagus lettuce green, beets green, bok choy varieties, kale, Chinese kale (gailan), daikon radish green, fava bean leaves, celery leaves, edible chrysanthemum, orach, pea shoots, sedum green, mizuna, pepper green, goji berry green,  water spinach, Vietnam coriander, mustard green varieties, amaranth and edible flowers from all our farmed vegetables. In addition, in-season wild forage as nature's gifts also makes into our salad bowl, including lamb’s quarters, garden sorrel, sheep sorrel, wood sorrel, wild amaranth, wintercress, oxeye daisy, sow thistle green, chicory green, wild purslane, pennycress, plantain, shepherd’s purse, chickweed, dandelion green.


Our other variety of fresh greens include bitter melons, bok choy, napa cabbage, edible chrysanthemum, chilli pepper, daikon radish, garlic chive, sunchoke, crosne or Chinese artichoke, perilla and shiso, celtuce, Chinese kale, purpose pole northeastern green beans, several kinds of squash, edamame (vegetable soy nuts), and many more.