The Chi Garden is a market garden specialized in organically grown vegetables, Asian vegetables and herbs, foraged edible greens, and fermented vegetables. We are located at 2389 Pepin Ct, Gloucester, about 12 kilometres east of Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario.

Our garden was founded by Li Bo and Sun Shan, who were environment professionals before immigrated to Canada.  We started learning organic farming, both for homesteading and for a local farmers market in Kincardine by the beautiful Lake Huron, since our arrival in 2014 in Bruce County.  We relocated to Ottawa became a Certified Organic farm business in 2017 based on the JustFood farm. We started to practise no-dig or no-till since 2018 and introduced chicken mobile as our primary source of soil fertility input in addition to vermicomposting. 

A little bit about the name of our family business, the Chi Garden. Chi is romanized from a traditional Chinese character 蕺 (ji4), owing to its origin from a common and much-loved vegetable herb in many Asian countries: 蕺草 (jicao) in ancient Chinese, 鱼腥草 Yuxingcao or 折耳根 zhe’ergen, in today’s China, Dokudami in Japanese. It is sometimes referred to as fish mint in English, but maybe more familiar by its Latin name to horticulturists, Houttuynia cordata. In Asia, this herb has both culinary and medicinal use, and is believed to be a ‘poison blocking plant’. For us at the Chi Garden, it signifies our aspiration to bridge and to bring together traditional knowledge, remedies provided by plants, and culinary know-how from around the world.

We are experimenting with our Half Organic Farming, Half International Exchanges and Study Tours life/work style. The Chi Garden business is also a basis to connect with our exchange visitors and like-minded people.